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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  February 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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"gma's" own silent movie. >> it's all later on "gma." shooting inside a royal farm store. i'm linda so, where it happened,. new bill targeting offenders drinking and driving with kids in the car. a new contract for the baltimore grand prix race. the traditions coming up. >> good morning, the middle of the week. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to lynette charles for what could be a improved forecast. you are right, charlie. winter gone mild. temperatures will be near 60 today. we have the warming trend continuing in to tomorrow.
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showers are possible as early as this afternoon in to this evening. we will be back to more seasonable levels in terms of temperatures. for today, we are looking at temperatures this morning, not so bad, 43 degrees is well above average in to annapolis, 50 bel air, manchester 43. with this mild start, temperatures are going to get near 60 in to the afternoon, the winds picking up throughout the day as well. i will tell you how windy coming up. now a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. you said it correctly, a mild start. we are off to a great start for the wednesday morning drive. looking pretty good and looking normal. we got the overnite construction going on. 50 across the bay bridge on u.s. 50, a couple of lane closures there. tightings bridge, a live look in a mom. let's get a look at the drive through the city on 895, as we mentioned mild conditions, typical for this time of
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morning with one more closed at the harbor tunnel. overnight maintenance blocking lanes as well. tweeting updates at maryland traffic. jury expected to begin deliberations in the case of george huguely. he is charged in the death of yeardly love. there are six charges. main one first degree murder. here is a breakdown of what could happen. if found guilty, he could spend 20 years to life in prison. second degree, five to 40 years. manslaughter days, up to 10 years. huguely could be acquitted. stay tuned for good morning at 5:00 and 6:00 for a report from charlottesville, follow the news on line at, background of the trial and live twitter feed, again,, check under the
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featured stories. new video to show you from a late night shooting that happened at royal farms. >> customer shot by suspects on the loose. this happened at harford and echo dale avenue. there is a map to indicate the area we are talking about. linda so is here with the details this morning. >> we have learned the victim, a man in his 40s was shot in the chest and taken to hopkins in stable condition. it happened before 10:00 at the royal farms store in hamilton, two suspects walked inside, announced a robbery and took cash and cigarettes. one of the suspects shot the victim, they ran from the store. police don't know why the victim was singled out. there were customers and employees inside the store. after the shooting a good samaritan stayed with the victim until help arrived. >> we want to thank, a witness, who helped the victim in this case. traumatic incident, she kept her cool, she talked to the victim until the medics got
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here and did a great job. >> we've learned the store has surveillance cameras, police are reviewing the video for information that will lead to the suspects. linda so, abc2 news. this morning, two teens are at shock trauma following a bus crash that happened. moore and draggo, along with a teen driver hit a school bus on route ho in ellicott city. no students were on the bus. the driver wasn't hurt. police believe the bus had a green light. the juvenile driver is not identified due to the possibility of charges. another accident, this one on tuesday, has taken two lives, video from mc donna road. hard to see engine and tires completely separated from one of the cars. police say the silver chrysler was driven by a 22 year old.
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bens and a 6-year-old died at the scene. (inaudible.) >> a woman driving an suv was hit but wasn't injured. neighbors say speed is often a factor in this area. design to protect children, a house panel will hear a bill on checks. they would have electronic device in the car to check sobriety prior to driving. the ignition would require drivers to below blow in to a tube before starting the engine. the long debated new grand prix contract will be voted on today. what is expected and what is the breakdown for the contract? we go to sherrie johnson, she is here to explain. >> baltimore's board of
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estimates reviewed a preliminary five year contract with the new promoter down force racing. the board is expected to vote to approve the new contract. the new promoters say the 2011 race was a success but had bad management and brought in $47 million for the economy. the former grand prix promoter, baltimore racing development, was the center of lawsuits for nonpayment of bills. the new contract has safeguards to protect the city from losing money. the city can inspect down force racing's financial records. it calls for keeping the races contracts private. city hall could reveal the information. down force race willing hold events in baltimore on labor day weekend starting 2012 through 2000 sf. the vote is expected at 9:00 a.m. at the board of estimates meeting at city hall. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. same-sex marriage bill is on its way to the full senate
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after a judiciary proceedings committee voted 7- 4 in favor of it tuesday. mike miller expects the vote this week. last year's vote was 25-21, in favor. other bills heard in annapolis include a health benefit exchange act. anthony brown will testify on behalf of the legislation today. also, ahead, a bill with cable games, heard. it would allow the hold over a video lottery operation license to offer table games throughout the state. and legislation on animal abuse registry, heard today. it would require convicted -- those convicted of crimes against animals to register. pieces of glass came crashes down in downtown oklahoma a live look this morning in north baltimore, parishioners will make their way to services, cathedral of mary r queen is what we are looking
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at. you can take part in ash wednesday without going inside the church. details coming up next.
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strong storms across the u.s. on monday. this coming to us from kansas, hail, snow, ice, they saw it all. power went out in some areas across the sunflower state. >> strong winds did a number in an oklahoma city building. a crane hit a pane of glass and sent pieces falling to the ground below. there was a cool breeze yesterday that may have kept you indoors. it was a little bit chilly but temperature wise, it was comfortable. >> we made it up to 49 degrees, with the winds out there, felt a little bit chillier than that. that's the same scenario for
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today. satellite and radar, view up in to canada, we do see a counter clock wise spin, a upper level low, we will have a little disturbance rotating around the low. it will dive down to the south, start to work over to the east, and then that's what will bring us our chance for showers as we go in to the afternoon, especially the evening time. for now, the satellite and radar, not picking up on a lot. mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. right now, with the clouds out there, temperatures, not so bad. 43 in to manchester, westminster, good morning, you are around 41, along the eastern shore in to northeast, 44 degrees, chester town in around 42. centerville 42. as we work through the day today, temperatures are going to stay mild for the most part. 55, breezy by lunchtime. the winds will pick up. 60 degrees, feeling chillier for today. over to angela with traffic.
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good morning out there on the roads as you are getting ready for the wednesday morning drive. shouldn't run in to trouble spots. maintenance operations, especially on i-95, we have a couple of lane closures through the city. southbound at o'donnell, southbound at kings avenue, a lane closure. getting by with no delay. we have no work zones on the beltway. here is a live look at 695, work zones are open in both directions through catonsville. baltimore national pike, same on the topside of the beltway, live look at exit 24, harrisburg expressway. white house is filled with the sounds of rhythm and blues last night. >> we will tell you who showed up to perform for the president and the first lady. condoms can be found at any drugstore, some teens may not have to leave the house if they want them.
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details coming up. live look at baltimore's inner harbor. we continue in just a moment.
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41 degrees, five things you need to know, mayor, stephanie rawlings blake will announce details of the new lexington market initiative, a strategy aimed at increasing the availability of health food option at 10:30 at the arcade stage. cummings host as forum to discuss pediatric dental care. it's going to begin at 9:30 at the university of maryland school of law. o'malley appear on the michael angelo show talking about same-sex marriage in maryland. that's on xm radio at 3:30 this afternoon. president delivering remarks at the construction site of the smithsonian museum
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of african american history and culture. it's slated for opening in 2015. ravens coaches and 31 other franchises headed to indianapolis to evaluate the top college prospects ahead of the draft. today is ash wednesday, things look different in new orleans this morning for 8 days, partiers took over the french quarter, dancing and enjoying the food, music and booze. this is a live picture, party goers lingered until the wee hours of the morning. today marks the start of lint, time for penitence and fasting in the catholic calendar. >> 16 dump trucks, 8-10 garbage trucks and pressure washers.
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today is ash wednesday, so many parishioners will make their way to services across the area to observe lint. this is a picture in north baltimore, cathedral of mary r queen, the first service is at 7:00 this morning. if you don't have time to stop by, parishioners are offered a new method called ashs to go. ashs will be taken to street corners as a reminder it shouldn't be confined to a church building. for a list, we have a link on our website, head to, find the story on your slide show. pope preparing for ar trip to cuba, those hoping to travel from bwi will have to find another method. things prepared in rome. here, flights expected to begin to cuba march 21, have been halted until the fall. interest didn't translate in to ticket sales.
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baltimore ranked number 18 as far as risk for cyber security. this morning, we know now that a mer an a -- lawmakers announced a $10 million appropriation in the 2012 budget to u establish a center to exchange government and provide resources to accelerate the adoption of tools and techniques. gop candidates will gather after a month that was debate free. that ends tonight with a debate just ahead of super tuesday. poll numbers are tightening. there is a slew of contests around the corner going on now. the debate will take place in arizona. that's just ahead of the february 28th primary in arizona and michigan. super tuesday , the debate is sponsored by cnn. those who attended the red, white, and blue event got a treat. all of this celebrating black
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history month and celebration of blues music. the president got in the act and some people thought it was convincing. listen. [music] >> mc jagger, bb king and buddy guy were there rocking the white house in recognition of black history month. for the latest on the political and democracy 2012 coverage we got you covered at voter information, profiles and a lot more. around the nation this morning, a story that may surprise you. teenagers, several in california, and certain counties can get condoms in the mail for free, under a law supported by health officials aimed at reducing pregnancy and stds. as young people maybe embarrassed to go to clinics where they are handed out for free. >> that's not something you should be able to get in the mail. this is something that your parents would want you to get
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and they should get it for you. >> the access program allows 12- 19 year olds to order er a pack and of 10 condoms and materials on line. they are mailed in a nondiscrypt yellow envelope. string of videos going viral on youtube are called am i ugly videos. popular among girls and boys, ask peers if they are ugly. (inaudible.) >> one video posted in december of 2010 has gotten more than 3.4 million views and 92,000 comments. it's all about approval but maybe dangerous. coming up on good morning maryland at 5:00 and 6:00, a live report from linda so, we will delve deeper in to the
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videos. teacher accused of child sex abuse, mark burn pleaded not guilty. police found 600 pictures of victims that were taken by him in his classroom. the 23 victims were between the ages of 7- so, days after burnt was arrested another teacher was arrested on similar charges. he has pleaded not guilty. alleged tucson shooter lawyerner's lawyers are asking a judge to reconsider ruling objecting to prosecutors receiving a prison psychologist personal notes on their client. the judge ruled to allow prosecutors to seek the 62 page report. attorneys made their filings on tuesday. the government is not entitled to see the notes and wants it for trial purposes. laughner pleaded not guilty to many charges from the january 2011 shooting that killed 8 people and injured dozens of
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others including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. in suburban atlanta, police are investigating a deadly shooting a at spa. it happened in nor cross on tuesday night. five people are reported to be dead. police say it looks like a murder-suicide. more details as they become available to us. girl scouts in indiana lost support. representative believes the girl scouts have a pro homo sex yacht abortion agenda. he voiced concerns. this year marks the 100th anniversary of the girl scouts. representative morris says he talked with well informed constituents and did research and found disturbing information on the girl scouts. officials from the girl scouts say research is incorrect. florida, 15-year-old student is facing felony charges after police say he set off an acid bomb at his school. it was put on lockdown tuesday
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morning when the device was found in the trash can outside. deputy says the device was some kind of chemical reaction in a plastic bottle that admitted smoke. officials say it didn't explode but staff members may have been exposed to the vapors. you might think teachers in buffalo new york are the best looking in the country. pause they are eligible under insurance to get any plastic surgery procedure, taxpayers foot the be bill. the district is projecting a $42 million deficit and they say with the money that geese towards the plastic surgery, they could hire 240 teachers. the teachers union says they would give up the plastic surgery perk in exchange for a decent study says facebook, you profile could dictate your future job success. researchers can determine if a person's taste in books, music and social networking could be
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successful. study says facebook information maybe stronger than personality and iq measures often used by human resource department. time for a check on the weather with lynette. >> hi. i'm doing well. >> i'm forecasting a high around 60 degrees and warmer as we go in to tomorrow. we will see what is going on. let me show you temperatures. we are starting out on the very mild side. we should be at 27, 28 degrees for this time of the year. temperatures in the 40s in a lot of spots this morning. baltimore around 41 degrees, easton 43. dc, 45 degrees. back in to hagerstown the temperature at 42. the winds, not so bad this morning. they are light, southwest, but this will change as we go in to the afternoon. this is what is going to help boost the temperatures, too. we have the temperatures starting out mild. we have those southwesterly winds and let's sprinkle sunshine throughout the day. if we do that, temperatures might be higher than that 60
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that i'm forecasting. the weather pattern showing you what is going on here. we have an area of high pressure in to the atlantic. clockwise flow, ushering in the southwesterly warm flow. mild temperatures this morning, this afternoon, and even in to tomorrow. will we see rain in the forecast? we will as a little disturbance will dive in here, bringing rain, 6:00 to maybe 9:00 we could be seeing rain across the area. couple of showers, scattered in nature. things look like they will be a little bit drier on thursday with rain back in to the forecast as we go in to friday. for today, the temperature coming in right around 60 degrees, variable clouds, breezy and mild. the roads are in great shape this morning. if you are getting ready to head out, shouldn't run in to major troubles. drive from cecil and harford, i- 95 looking good. a live look at 152, mountain
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road. moving well in both directions, especially in the southbound direction, also found smooth driving conditions for you on philadelphia road as well as pulaski highway. u.s. a at sandy point. queens ann area, no reported hazards. clear at ben field boulevard. back to you.
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this morning, grieving and
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angry relatives caused a commotion outside of a morgue in honduras, where the remains of victims from last week's prison fire are held. families fought with police as they tried to get remains of their relatives. 360 people died in the fire. most bodies are unidentified. suspects in terror attacks is helping police. he has been pointing out areas to police for 20 minutes at a train station tuesday. it's believed he caught a train to the airport following the blast last tuesday and taken to a home where the bomb exploded, designed to target israeli officials in the thai capital. hundreds of protesters were furious after ca korans were mistakenly burned. disposal was planned but burning was not. the commander apologized for


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